Sterling Silver Anklet -  Including Attachable Charm

Sterling Silver Anklet - Including Attachable Charm

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 Ladies love these Gorgeous pretty dainty Sterling Silver adjustable anklets including a free $9 attachable charm Crystal with it too! 

They are a steal at only $22.95 
Average anklet  size is 10 inches and is adjustable. 
Note in check out if you need one larger 11” or smaller 9.5” or name any length! 
With the current sterling silver include yet with the dainty look is I must have it includes a free nine dollar attachable charm of your choice of Swarovski crystal colour! 
So nice to be able to move the charm and clip it onto your necklace or bracelet when it’s boot season too! 


 Strong LONG lasting jewelry Since 2006! Made in Canada 


only $2 shipping.