The LAST Necklace

Literally this is the last necklace you will ever need! It does can wear it any length!

Even the inventor wears this staple necklace daily for over 12 years now. 
Most handy concept is from wearing it  long to short in an instant by clipping it up with an attachable charm...when long jewelry is dangling in your way. When we need to do a chore like empty the dishwasher, do yoga, go golfing, and go dancing, or gardening ) simply clip it up with the charm. 
Plus the layered look is very fashionable , wrap around your neck twice, wear it backward, wear it medium length too!  
Because this necklace is designed to adjust to any length. You have three options of silvers. thick 2 mm sterling silver lifetime version for $69. 95 or the thinner sterling silver lifetime version for only $44.95 (the designers preference) and lastly the sometimes wear it  or your gifting version is silver plated for $22.95.