SIMS Favourite Things

SIMS Favourite Things are all the things that keep her going, creating, designing, and making gorgeous cluster charms and fresh new looks for you!

Energy is needed... and a few of the things that give me energy are: 

Hydrogen Water with a special Hydrogen Water Bottle with a blue light on visually seeing the hydrogen coming in is amazing. No colds or flu's since I bought one of these water bottles in December 2022. Actually bought if for my husband, and I steel it to use it!

Even before I heard celebrities rave and promote the health benefits like, Gary Brecka, a leading expert on biohacking and human biology and UFC's Dana White, with a show on The Joe Rogan Show as well. 

90 For Life Multi-Vitamins and Minerals 

Boho Beautiful Yoga - Daily classes to fit in just 20 minutes every morning upon wake. Her scenery from around the World places she travels and the calming music. 

I have loved these products for years and it's time to share my little energy healthy habits with you! 

Of course the compliments of my jewelry designs from you, and soo many repeat clients wanting more collectible charms assists with my energy to keep on making helps too!

I figured it was time to try the affiliate marketing and promote my fav things, with the thought that if one day a decade from now, when the kids no longer need us, and we plan to travel and live abroad, maybe Costa Rica where we were married, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, Belize, Vietnam, who knows... that bringing all of the tools and beads, crystals, natural stones, findings, chain, etc I may not be able to bring with me.