Paperclip is POP POP Popular

Strong Lifetime Modern 2024 this look not only is popular, but you never have to take it off! It's lightweight, anti-tarnish, no discolouration from hot tub, mexico oceans, swimming pools. Leave it on if you like. Sometimes clip on the charm, sometimes without charm is gorgeous. Barely feel like you are wearing it.

Available as: 18" chain - Standard Necklace (adjusts shorter)
5 WAY wearable All Length Necklace, wear long short medium, lariat too!
Strongest Stainless Steel adjustable ANKLET (comes with free $10 clip on/off charm)
Strongest Stainless Steel adjustable Bracelet (comes with free $10 clip on/off charm)

Lifetime guaranteed and the price points are unreal!! Start as low as $24